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Expatriate Individuals

Whether you are fulfilling a short term contract or permanent position for your company, or working abroad as a self-employed professional, finding the right insurance cover from a reputable insurance broker that best suits your particular needs and budget, in a country where you are unfamiliar with the legislation and social services available to expatriates, can be particularly challenging.

While some expats believe that their advisor back home is familiar with the offshore environment and is able to provide the most appropriate advice, this is most often not the case. In addition, those expats that believe that they are able to do everything themselves, sell themselves short as the best tax-efficient financial structures are never available to the public, while it can take months to even begin to understand the intricacies of the local legislation and market conditions.

Many expatriates take up jobs abroad as this provides them with the opportunity to substantially boost their income. In addition, for those individuals working for companies who relocate their staff abroad, remuneration packages often include substantial benefits including housing allowances, education, health and more.

The motivation to undertake a work opportunity abroad and earn extra income therefore demands some sound financial planning and appropriate insurance, using local insurance brokers and risk management specialists, to make the most of the opportunity and make your extra cash work hard for your future.

Expatriate Families

Amid the turmoil of moving your family abroad, the last thing you want to worry about is insufficient insurance coverage in the event of accident, illness, theft or loss.

The reality is however that you need to consider how you will access quality health care and a decent education for your children, while it is also imperative to ensure that your family would survive in a foreign country in the event of your unexpected death.

If you know that you will be staying in your new location for any length of time, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning are all key considerations that seriously impact your welfare and that of your family.

United Global Brokers is here to help find solutions to your concerns in the most efficient, simple, yet affordable manner possible.

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International Health Insurance

One of the most important considerations for expatriates and their families. Ensure that you are covered for both emergencies and day-to-day medical costs.

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International health insurance is one of the most important considerations for expatriates. While in your home country you will be accustomed to the costs and availability of medical care, the standards of medical care offered to expatriates working in countries abroad, often differ significantly.

Private vs. Public Medical Care: While citizens may have easy access to public medical care, expatriates are often excluded from public health benefits, while private medical facilities require up-front payment or some form of payment security in order to provide care. In addition, the standards of public medical care differs from country to country, which means that you may need to opt for more costly private medical care. It is therefore essential to seek the knowledgeable assistance of a local insurance broker who will be able to advise the most suitable health insurance cover for your particular needs.

New environment, new health risks: While you may be otherwise healthy, the body will always need to adapt to a new environment and this can bring about allergies, respiratory illnesses and even digestive troubles. Ensuring that you have adequate health insurance to manage unexpected health concerns is absolutely vital.

Peace-of-Mind: While unexpected events such as accidents can occur, day-to-day health needs such as dentistry, optometry and health check-ups mean that comprehensive health insurance will provide you with access to the standard of medical care that you are accustomed to receiving in your home country.

Global Life Insurance

Choose the right protection to maintain the living standard that your family deserves in the event of your unexpected death.

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While having global life cover is absolutely essential, it is also critical to make sure that you are neither over, nor under insured. While your debts and the standard of living for your family should be covered by life insurance, you should not be spending more on inessential cover than necessary. To know precisely how much life insurance is required, it is imperative to seek the assistance of an insurance broker with proven expertise in this specialized area of insurance.

International Asset Management

If you have assets in more than one country, you need a trusted expert with global expertise to protect what you’ve worked so hard for to acquire.

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Your international assets typically include your bank accounts, immovable property, shares, life insurance and annuity income. Amid the challenges of day-to-day life, few of us, least of all busy expats, have the time to properly scrutinize and fully understand the fine print when it comes to insuring our many assets. In the case of assets held abroad, minor omissions and oversights are common and can seriously cripple your estate. Forming a partnership with an experienced insurance broker or asset manager abroad is essential, as this ongoing relationship will ensure that your assets remain both accessible and secure. The last thing you will want is for your foreign assets to be grabbed by attorneys or financial institutions as a result of poor planning.

Expat Estate Planning

When you have assets in multiple countries, expat estate planning can be tricky. Expert guidance is essential to protect your wealth.

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As a busy expatriate living and working away from your home country, you may be forgiven for giving little thought to drawing up an estate plan. Dealing with estate matters is particularly challenging when these matters cross the borders of your native country. Inheritance laws, taxes, repatriation of mortal remains, asset management – there are so many legalities to consider. The last thing that you want, is for your hard earned assets to fall into the wrong hands, leaving your family with less than they deserve in the event of your unexpected death. It is for this reason that it is essential to partner with an experienced insurance broker and estate planner who understands not only the laws within your host country, but how to relate these laws when winding up your estate.

International Short Term Insurance

Short term insurance must comply with local legislation and includes limited health and travel insurance, as well as cover for assets such as vehicles and property.

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For expatriates, short term insurance means more than just a health insurance policy to cover a limited work period away from home. When living abroad where you will most likely obtain vehicles, property and other assets, it is imperative to insure these items against theft or damage with appropriate short term insurance that is provided in line with the legislation of the host country.

Investment Advice

Financial planning should be a top priority for expats, yet it can be difficult to keep track of investments across borders. Appoint a global custodian to help you manage your investment portfolio.

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For busy expatriates who tend to work and travel between various countries, it can be exceedingly difficult to keep track of bank accounts, pensions and other finances and investments. There is undeniable value in choosing to work through one global custodian to manage your investment portfolio who understands your individual needs, is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, and who is able to disseminate the differences between the legislation within the country where you may work or reside.

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